Syrian army eliminates foreign backed terrorists in several areas


April 9th, 2013

An army unit on Tuesday foiled an attempt to detonate a truck loaded with three tons of explosives.

A military source said that the explosives were put between potato bags for camouflage, adding that the army unit dismantled the explsoives on board the truck which was heading to Idleb City on al-Mastoumeh road near a military checkpoint.

Armed Forces Dismantle Explosive Device Attached to a Car in Jaramana

A unit of the Armed Forces dismantled an explosive device attached to a private car in Jaramana city in Damascus countryside.

An official source told SANA reporter that the explosive device was attached to a pickup parked in al-Baladia St. in Jaramana.

Armed Forces Destroy Terrorist Dens, Eliminate Armed Men in Daraa

Units of the Armed Forces pursued armed terrorist groups in Daraa and Homs provinces.

A military source told SANA that a unit of the Armed Forces clashed with an armed terrorist group near Izra town and inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists.

Army Units Repel Terrorists in Homs Province

A military source told SANA that an Army unit repelled an armed terrorist group who was attempting to attack a military checkpoint in al-Mhyar in Palmyra, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists.

The source  added that 9 terrorists were killed and the rest members of the terrorist group were injured.

The Armed Forces carried out a special operation in the town of Abel, eliminating tens of terrorists including foreigners and destroying two cars equipped with machineguns.

Among the dead terrorists were four from Saudi Arabia: Majed Jadaan al-Khalaf, Khaled al-Othman, Odai al-Dakhil and Tamer al-Rashid, in addition to a Lebanese terrorist called Ayman al-Zaatari.

The Armed Forces also destroyed terrorist hideouts and killed a number of terrorists in al-Rastan, al-Dar al-Kabira, Tirmaala and al-Ghajar.

An Army unit repelled an attack by a terrorist group against a checkpoint near the town of al-Taouna in al-Houleh area, injuring a number of terrorists and killing others, in addition to ceasing weapons including AK-47 rifles and RPG rounds.

In Homs city, the Armed Forces continued pursuing terrorists, inflicting heavy losses upon them and destroying their equipment in the neighborhood of Jouret al-Shiyah, al-Qusour and al-Qarabis.

Army Units Eliminate Terrorists in Damascus Countryside

Army units carried out a series of operations and killed scores of terrorists in Jobar, al-Shifonia Farms, al-Abbada and al-Otaibah in Damascus countryside and destroyed their dens and gatherings.

An official source told SANA reporter that an army unit eliminated several terrorists in Jobar.

The source added that other army units destroyed a terrorist den in al-Shifonia Farms and killed all terrorists inside.

The source noted that an army unit carried out a qualitative operation in al-Otaibah town and destroyed a car equipped with a heavy machinegun and mortars.

In al-Abbada town, an army unit destroyed a terrorist den and killed scores of terrorists.

In Khan al-Sheih area, an Armed Forces unit carried out an operation targeting terrorist hideouts and gatherings, resulting in the destruction of five cars and a bulldozer which the terrorists were using, in addition to killing and injuring a number of terrorists.

Army Units Inflict Heavy Losses upon Terrorists in Idleb Countryside

Units of the Armed Forces pursued terrorists in Idleb countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

A military source told SANA  that an Army unit destroyed 4 terrorists’ cars at al-Janudia crossroad  along with weapons and ammunition inside them, in addition to killing all members of an armed terrorist group who were perpetrating acts of terrorism in the area.

The source added that another Army unit killed a number of terrorists in al-Shougr area in Jeser al-Shougur, destroying 3 cars equipped with heavy machineguns.

In the same context,  another Army unit killed and injured a number of terrorists in Ma’art al-Nouman, Kafrouma, al-Hamama, Bnesh and Sraqib in Idleb countryside.

Terrorists Killed in Aleppo and its Countryside

Units of the Armed Forces carried out operations against terrorist groups, killing a large number of terrorists, in addition to destroying their equipment.

An official source told SANA that the Army units clashed with a number of armed terrorist groups in Rasm al-Aboud and Kouyrs in Aleppo countryside, killing most of their members and destroying an armored car, in addition to destroying a convoy of cars loaded with weapons and ammunition.

The source added that citizens of al-Bab city in Aleppo countryside clashed with an armed terrorist group which was launching mortar shells on the city, killing the leader of the terrorists Ahmad Muhammad, AKA Abo al-Islam, and 8 others of the terrorist group.

The source pointed out that the Army carried out a number of special operations on al-Mslmia road and Handarat, destroying 3 cars equipped with heavy machineguns, in addition to destroying 3 other cars equipped with 23mm anti-aircraft guns .

In Aleppo city, Army units targeted terrorists’ dens in al-Shqaef, al-Sheikh Maqsud, Bua’den, and Castillo area, killing scores of terrorists.

In the same context, Army units and the authorities set up an ambush in al-Zbdia area, killing several terrorists. Among the dead terrorists were Yaser Abo Sharafo, known as “al-zbdia sniper,” and Hussein Sukar.

Meanwhile the authorities arrested 10 unauthorized money changers who were manipulating the exchange rate of Syrian Pound.

B. Mousa / Mazen / H. Sabbagh


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One Response to Syrian army eliminates foreign backed terrorists in several areas

  1. kruitvat says:

    As a reminder:

    November 29, 2012, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemned ‘in the strongest terms’ the terrorist bombings which took place in the city of Jaramana in Damascus Countryside and claimed the lives of 34 people.

    But at the same time he keeps silence about the U.S.-backed terrorism.

    It is part of the UN comedy whereby also all the resolutions critical of Israel are blocked as the result of a deal between the U.S., Israel and the UN.

    Ban Kin-moon and his staff mandated also a so called ‘no-fly zone’ and the NATO-bombing of Lybia. And on 31 October 2011 the Newsroom of NATO published the following distasteful ‘victory’ message: ”’We answered the call” – the end of Operation Unified Protector
    ‘After seven months of operations at sea and in the air NATO has ended its mission for Libya. The Alliance’s job to protect civilians from the threat of attack is done. On his historic first visit on 31 October to the Libyan capital of Tripoli, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said he was proud of the part the Organization and its partners played in helping the country and the region’.

    On September 4th, 2012, Ban Ki-moon said in remarks to the General Assembly on Syria at New York: ‘The United Nations and its partners are doing all we can inside and outside of Syria. But we have to ask if we have done enough, and if we have done the right thing’.

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