Syria: Turkey’s main opposition in Brussels


May 15, 2013

Chairman of Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) Kemal Kilicdaroglu will deliver a speech at the European Parliament Socialists Group, and hold a joint press conference with Hannes Swoboda, Chairman of Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament, in Brussels.

16:00 Paul-Henri Spaak Building, 9th Floor salon protocolaire A.

(if it is not boycotted by car bombings of the Turkish and Israeli intelligence Services)

Meeting with Kemal Kilicdaroglu: Salle Royale, Rue royale 324, 1210 Brussels


CHP Genel Başkanı Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, 14-16 Mayıs tarihlerinde Belçika ve Almanya’ya ziyaret gerçekleştirecek. 

CHP Genel Başkan Yardımcısı Faruk Loğoğlu tarafından basına yapılan açıklamada, Kılıçdaroğlu’nun, 14 Mayıs’ta Brüksel’e giderek, Avrupa Parlamentosu Başkanı Martin Schulz ile bir araya geleceğini ifade etti. Loğoğlu, Kılıçdaroğlu’nun bazı parlamenterlerle de özel görüşmeler yaptıktan sonra 22 Mayıs’ta  Almanya’ya geçeceğini söyledi. Kılıçdaroğlu, Alman Sosyal Demokrat Partisinin (SPD) 150. kuruluş yıl dönümü etkinliklerine de katılacak.

CHP Genel Başkanı Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu aynı zamanda Belçika’da CHP, Belçika Birliği üyeleri ile de bir araya gelecek. CHP Belçika Birliği Başkanı Zehra Eryörük’ün Genel Başkan Kılıçdaroğlu’nun ziyareti hakkında yaptığı duyuruda.’’Genel Başkanımız Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’nun Brüksel ziyareti onuruna Brüksel’de 19 Mayıs Gençlik ve Spor Bayramı’nı kutlayarak unutturulmak istenen Cumhuriyet değerlerine sahip çıkıyoruz.

Belçika’daki tüm vatandaşlarımızı bekliyoruz. Geniş yelpazedeki değerli sanatçılarımızdan şiirler, türküler şarkılar ve halkoyunları ile bayramımızı şölen gibi kutlayacağız’’ diyerek CHP üyeleri, sempatizanları ve gönüllerine geniş katılım çağrısında bulundu.

Tarih: 15 Mayıs 2013 Çarşamba

Saat: 19:30’den itibaren

Yer: La Salle Royale

Adres: Rue Royale 324, 1000 Brüksel


A non-government information center on Turkey
Un centre d’information non-gouvernemental sur la Turquie:


Kiliçdaroglu ‘AP Sosyalist Grubu’nda konustu: Türkiye’nin modern demokratik bir ‘Anayasa’ya ihtiyaci var:

CHP Genel Baskani Kiliçdaroglu Reyhanli’da:–chp-genel-baskani-reyhanlida

CHP Genel Baskani Kiliçdaroglu Brüksel’de

Kiliçdaroglu Brüksel’de


Photo: Parliamentary Speaker Cemil Çiçek (L) shakes hands with Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu ahead of a meeting on charter panel.


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I am working for the Belgian human rights association 'Werkgroep Morkhoven' which revealed the Zandvoort childporn case (88.539 victims). The case was covered up by the authorities. During the past years I have been really shocked by the way the rich countries of the western empire want to rule the world. One of my blogs: «Latest News Syria» (WordPress)/ Je travaille pour le 'Werkgroep Morkhoven', un groupe d'action qui a révélé le réseau pornographique d'enfants 'Zandvoort' (88.539 victims). Cette affaire a été couverte par les autorités. Au cours des dernières années, j'ai été vraiment choqué par la façon dont l'Occident et les pays riches veulent gouverner le monde. Un de mes blogs: «Latest News Syria» (WordPress)/ Ik werk voor de Werkgroep Morkhoven die destijds de kinderpornozaak Zandvoort onthulde (88.539 slachtoffers). Deze zaak werd door de overheid op een misdadige manier toegedekt. Gedurende de voorbije jaren was ik werkelijke geschokt door de manier waarop het rijke westen de wereld wil overheersen. Bezoek onze blog «Latest News Syria» (WordPress) ------- Photo: victims of the NATO-bombings on the Chinese embassy in Yougoslavia
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3 Responses to Syria: Turkey’s main opposition in Brussels

  1. kruitvat says:

    Opposition slams Turkish government over Patriot missiles…

    Turkey’s main opposition party has criticized the ruling Justice and Development Party over the deployment of Patriot missiles along the country’s border with Syria.

    During a Sunday parliamentary session at which the country’s budget plan for 2013 was to be discussed, a heated debate on foreign policy broke out between Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy leader Osman Koruturk, English-language newspaperToday’s Zaman reported.

    “Turkey had never lost so much dignity in the eyes of its neighbors [as it has today],” Koruturk said.

    He noted that Ankara maintained good relations with Tehran, Baghdad and Damascus in the past, and even mediated negotiations between Damascus and Tel Aviv over the Golan Heights.

    “Today, we are at daggers drawn with all these,” Koruturk added.

    The CHP deputy leader also criticized Turkey’s relations with NATO, stressing that Turkey is far from playing an active role in the Western military contingent.

    “It looks as though major NATO members are directing Turkey through the alliance,” Koruturk said.

    He highlighted that Syria is being used as an excuse for the deployment of Patriot missiles, and said the real aim for such a deployment is to protect the radar in the Kurecik district of Malatya province, which reportedly protects Israel.

    NATO has approved of Turkey’s request for the deployment of Patriot surface-to-air missiles in its territory.

    The agreement emerged from a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels on December 4 despite strong opposition from Russia, Syria and Iran.

    On December 14, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta signed orders to authorize the plan to deploy Patriot missile batteries and about 400 troops to Turkey following the announcement of a similar move by Germany.

  2. kruitvat says:

    As a reminder:

    June 21, 2012

    A small number of C.I.A. officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey, helping allies decide which Syrian opposition fighters across the border will receive arms to fight the Syrian government, according to American officials and Arab intelligence officers.

    The weapons, including automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, ammunition and some antitank weapons, are being funneled mostly across the Turkish border by way of a shadowy network of intermediaries including Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood and paid for by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the officials said.

    … The United States and its allies have turned to diplomacy and are arming the rebels to force Mr. Assad from power.

    By helping to vet rebel groups, American intelligence operatives in Turkey hope to learn more about a growing, changing opposition network inside of Syria and to establish new ties. “C.I.A. officers are there and they are trying to make new sources and recruit people,” said one Arab intelligence official who is briefed regularly by American counterparts.

    … American officials and retired C.I.A. officials said the administration was also weighing additional assistance to rebels, like providing satellite imagery and other detailed intelligence on Syrian troop locations and movements. The administration is also considering whether to help the opposition set up a rudimentary intelligence service.

    …The Pentagon continues to fine-tune a range of military options, after a request from Mr. Obama in early March for such contingency planning. Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told senators at that time that the options under review included humanitarian airlifts, aerial surveillance of the Syrian military, and the establishment of a no-fly zone.

    …Last month, these activists said, Turkish Army vehicles delivered antitank weaponry to the border, where it was then smuggled into Syria. Turkey has repeatedly denied it was extending anything other than humanitarian aid to the opposition, mostly via refugee camps near the border. The United States, these activists said, was consulted about these weapons transfers.

    … “The rebels are starting to crack the code on how to take out tanks,” said Joseph Holliday, a former United States Army intelligence officer in Afghanistan who is now a researcher tracking the Free Syrian Army for the Institute for the Study of War in Washington.

    The New York Times

  3. kruitvat says:

    May 13, 2013

    …In the wake of the bombings, Turkish officials pushed Washington to escalate its ongoing intervention to remove the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened, “Those who target Turkey will be held to account sooner or later … Great states retaliate more powerfully, but when the time is right.”

    … Over the past week, Erdogan has demanded greater US-NATO efforts to topple Assad, cynically claiming that Obama’s “red line” on chemical weapons use has already been crossed by Assad. This stands in direct contradiction to last week’s revelations by UN investigator Carla del Ponte, who said that UN interviews with survivors of a chemical weapons attack showed that the poison gas was used by the US-backed opposition. She said there was no evidence of chemical weapons use by the Syrian government.

    …Tough Al Qaeda-linked elements in the US- and Turkish-backed opposition forces have carried out hundreds of such terror bombings in neighboring Syria, the Turkish regime immediately placed the blame squarely on Assad. Turkish Interior Minister Muammer Guler asserted that the bombings were carried out by elements “closely linked with pro-regime groups in Syria.”

    Speaking in Berlin, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu declared: “It is time for the international community to act together against this regime.”

    Refuting the Turkish charges against the Syrian government, Syrian information minister Omran al-Zoubi said Syria “did not commit and would never commit such an act, because our values would not allow that.”

    Zoubi also denounced Turkey’s decision to give arms and safe passage to terrorist opposition forces backed by the US, Europe, and the Persian Gulf states. Turkey has been a crucial support of the US proxy war in Syria, providing bases for staging and logistical support to the opposition’s offensives and terror bombings in nearby northern Syria.

    …Western press outlets cited fears of clashes between Turkish residents and Syrian refugees around Reyhanli.

    Protests erupted in Reyhanli against the Turkish government’s participation in the US-led war against Syria, with marchers chanting, “Erdogan murderer!”

    “The prime minister brought this on to us,” said a business owner, who asked to be identified only by his first name, Mehmet. “We have no peace anymore. The Syrians are coming in and out, and we don’t know if they are bringing in explosives, taking out arms.”

    These protests underscore that the Turkish and US governments are moving to escalate the war in defiance of public opinion. Polls show 62 percent of Americans and 68 percent of Turks oppose the war in Syria.

    As popular opposition to war mounts in the working class, the Erdogan regime is intervening aggressively to press for quicker action by Washington.

    A leader of a US-backed opposition militia inside Turkey told the UAE’s The National that US officials were considering mounting drone strikes inside Syria to massacre Al Nusra forces. He cited the US officials as saying, “I’m not going to lie to you. We’d prefer you fight Al Nusra now, and then fight Assad’s army. You should kill these Nusra people. We’ll do it if you don’t.”

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