Political solution Syria: UN, Pentagon


Photo: American Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, left, escorts United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon into the Pentagon as Ban Ki-moon arrives for an honor cordon, Thursday, April 18, 2013.

Ban Ki-moon has very close ties with the American government.  

He earned a Master of Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He further received an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from the University of Washington. He has been posted twice to the South Korean embassy in Washington, D.C. Between these two assignments he served as Director-General for American Affairs in 1990–1992. He was the foreign minister of South Korea from January 2004 to November 2006 and in February 2006, he began to campaign for the office of Secretary-General.

While he is continuously talking in a hypocrite way about the ‘Syrian Civil War’ and he continuously criticizes the Syrian government, he remains silent about the American en Saudi-Arabian arms deliveries to the so called ‘Free Syrian Army’ and Syrian terrorist groups. Yesterday a top commander of a foreign-backed group fighting against the Syrian government said he has received a 35-ton arms shipment from Saudi Arabia…

On March 23, 2011, the U.N. Security Council adopted a wide-ranging resolution recommending ‘humanitarian’ and military action inside Libya. Both U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa were assigned key roles in “coordinating” the implementation of the mandate. Just like now, Ban Ki-moon was calling for “an immediate end to violence by all parties’.  Just like now, he was talking about ‘chemical weapons’ and he called for a ‘no-fly zone’ which was just a pretext to bomb Lybia and to destroy the regime of Colonel Gadaffi. While the Lybian infrastructure was completely destroyed, he said the UN-mandated military operation was ‘proving effective in protecting civilians’. 

Recently Ban Ki-moon is echoing the Russian en Syrian proposes for a ‘political dialogue’ but at the same time he imposes unreasonable requirements that makes such a dialogue impossible. The current United States Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry, who expects a failure of political dialogue, said ‘recent military gains by Assad’s forces were only temporary’. So it is clear that the American government still hopes on a military intervention. 

It is certainly not good for the credibility of the UN that its Secretary-General, as a friend to U.S. national interests in the United Nations, only advances U.S. and western-backed approaches in the Middle East, North Africa, and North Korea.






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I am working for the Belgian human rights association 'Werkgroep Morkhoven' which revealed the Zandvoort childporn case (88.539 victims). The case was covered up by the authorities. During the past years I have been really shocked by the way the rich countries of the western empire want to rule the world. One of my blogs: «Latest News Syria» (WordPress)/ Je travaille pour le 'Werkgroep Morkhoven', un groupe d'action qui a révélé le réseau pornographique d'enfants 'Zandvoort' (88.539 victims). Cette affaire a été couverte par les autorités. Au cours des dernières années, j'ai été vraiment choqué par la façon dont l'Occident et les pays riches veulent gouverner le monde. Un de mes blogs: «Latest News Syria» (WordPress)/ Ik werk voor de Werkgroep Morkhoven die destijds de kinderpornozaak Zandvoort onthulde (88.539 slachtoffers). Deze zaak werd door de overheid op een misdadige manier toegedekt. Gedurende de voorbije jaren was ik werkelijke geschokt door de manier waarop het rijke westen de wereld wil overheersen. Bezoek onze blog «Latest News Syria» (WordPress) ------- Photo: victims of the NATO-bombings on the Chinese embassy in Yougoslavia
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2 Responses to Political solution Syria: UN, Pentagon

  1. kruitvat says:

    Ban Ki-moon visits Pentagon, discussed Syria and North Korea…


    APRIL 19, 2013

    Ban Ki-moon visits Pentagon, discussed Syria and North Korea

    US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel hosted UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the Pentagon for the first time during which they discussed issues related to Syria and North Korea, Defence Department spokesperson said.
    “The visit marks the first time that a United Nations secretary-general has visited the Pentagon,” the Pentagon Press Secretary George Little said.
    “The two leaders discussed the heightened tension on the Korean Peninsula and the need for North Korea to live up to its international obligations and commitments as well as the deteriorating security situation in Syria,” Little said in a statement after the meeting.
    Noting that Hagel congratulated Ban on his outstanding leadership at the helm of the UN during one of the most turbulent and challenging times in international affairs, Little said the two leaders discussed current and potential future United Nations peacekeeping missions of mutual concern, focusing on the distinctive challenges peacekeepers face in unstable environments.
    “The Secretary-General expressed his deepest sympathies and condolences to the American people for those killed and injured in the recent bombings in Boston,” Little said adding that he also expressed appreciation for the US’ role in peacekeeping.


  2. kruitvat says:

    Obama and Ban Ki moon: friends…


    AFTER MEETINGThe White House,
    Oval Office,

    April 11, 2013

    PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, it is wonderful to have the opportunity to welcome my good friend, Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, to the Oval Office. He and I consult quite frequently and in various multilateral settings, but this has been a useful opportunity for us to talk more specifically about how the United States and the United Nations can work together.Let me first of all say that I think I speak for world leaders in a wide variety of countries when I say that the Secretary General has shown outstanding leadership during what has been one of the most challenging and turbulent times in international affairs. I think he’s fair-minded. I think he has shown a willingness to tackle tough issues and to speak hard truths, and I very much appreciate personally the work that he’s done.Sometimes people ask why the United States is so devoted to the United Nations, and, obviously, beyond the fact that we helped set up the United Nations, what was true 60, 70 years ago is still true today. And that is that without a forum for discussion, negotiation, and diplomacy, the world is a worse place, and it is very much in the United States’ interests to ensure that international norms, rules of the road, and humanitarian norms are observed. And the United Nations gives us a critical opportunity to try to prevent conflict, create peace, maintain stability — all of which ultimately is good for America’s security and America’s prosperity.
    We discussed a wide range of issues during this meeting. We started with Syria, where obviously the humanitarian crisis has gotten worse. And Secretary General Ban and I shared the view that we are at a critical juncture; that it is important for us to bring about an effective political transition that would respect the rights of all Syrians; and that, in the interim, it’s important for us to try to eliminate some of the carnage that’s been taking place directed at civilians and non-combatants.

    And so we’ll be strategizing about how the United Nations — or the United States — which is the largest donor to the humanitarian assistance in Syria, and is also a strong supporter of the more moderate elements of the Syrian Opposition — can work together with the United Nations to bring about if not a full resolution to the crisis, at least an improvement for the people of Syria and lay the foundation for a kind of political transition that is necessary.


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