Syrian News Agency: Anti-government demonstrations continue in Turkey


Fiercest Anti-Government Demonstrations Continue in Turkey

June 3, 2013

Turkish peaceful protesters clashed with policemen into the early hours of Monday with setting fire to some offices of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) as the fiercest anti-government demonstrations in years entered their fourth day.

Routers mentioned that roads around Prime Minister Reccep Tayyip Erdogan’s office in Istanbul were sealed off as police fired teargas to push back protesters in the early hours of Monday.

In the main street near Erdogan’s office, one demonstrator drove a small mechanical digger towards police lines as other protesters followed behind.

At a nearby mosque, medical staff including trainee doctors treated those hurt in the clashes, Routers said.

It pointed out that bus shelters, paving stones and street signs ripped up by protesters to make barricades that littered a major avenue by the Bosphorus strait in Istanbul where some of the heaviest clashes took place overnight, and graffiti covered walls.

Dogan news agency reported that in the western port city of Izmir, protesters through fire bombs at AK Party offices overnight as the policemen stormed commercial compound in Ankara for doubts that protesters resorted to the compound and arrested many persons.

Turkey’s main stock exchange has dropped sharply on opening on Monday. It fell 8 percent as investors worried about the destabilizing effect of the demonstrations on the economy.

The Turkish lira weakened to 1.8910 against the dollar on Monday, a decline from 1.8706 on Friday . The yield on Turkey’s benchmark 10-year bonds climbed to 7.12 percent from 6.84 percent on Friday.

The EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton has condemned the disproportionate use of force by police against protestors in Turkey and expressed “deep concern” over the violence.

” Ashton calls for restraint on all sides and an end to the violence. Dialogue should be opened to find a peaceful solution to this issue,” a spokesperson for Catherine Ashton said in a statement quoted by Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

Amnesty International has criticized the use of excessive force to disperse peaceful protestors.

The United States also has called on Turkish security forces to show restraint in facing the protests.

The White House demanded all parties in Turkey to “calm the situation” amid anti-government protests.

Associated Press quoted the White House spokeswoman Laura Lucas as saying : ” The U.S. believes peaceful public demonstrations “are a part of democratic expression,”

” Turkey’s long-term stability is best guaranteed by upholding “the fundamental freedoms of expression, assembly and association.” She added. 

The spark of protests was triggered because of a project to uproot 600 trees from the Gezi Park in Taksim Square in Istanbul which is considered an outlet for the city’s citizens. 

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One Response to Syrian News Agency: Anti-government demonstrations continue in Turkey

  1. kruitvat says:

    Turkey – Iraq

    Press TV has conducted an interview with Dr. Jafar Hadi Hassan, a Middle East expert from London, about ongoing demonstrations in Iraq.

    Press TV: Sir looking at the situation on the ground in Iraq. It seems that there is similarity in many different countries these days talking about the stirring up of sectarianism and fingers being pointed at Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. Your perspective overall on the role of these three countries in actually flaming, basically putting oil on the flame of sectarianism.

    Hassan: Iraq [is] always accusing some foreign countries of playing a role and influencing the protesters in the Sunni part of Iraq. These countries are Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Now today, the acting defense minister [has] accused particularly Turkey that is influencing these demonstrators and they are playing a part in the internal affairs of Iraq.

    Now there are different issues between Iraqi government and Turkish government, which strains the relationship.

    One of them is the former [Iraqi] Vice President al-Hashemi case, who is a refugee now in Turkey and the other issue is the relation between Turkey and Kurdistan, and the other issue is the incursion of Turkish army inside Iraq from time to time. But, accusation of Turkish government that are playing bad game in the internal Iraqi affairs [has] been going on for some time.

    It is not the first time Iraq [has been] accusing the Turkish government, for the last few years Iraq [has] been accusing the Turkish government and taking a side with the Sunnis.

    Press TV: Dr. Hassan what would be the reason that the Turkish government would want to cause problems with a neighboring country?

    Hassan: Well Turkish government probably has some interests among the Sunnis and also I think the surrounding countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, also Turkey, they don’t like to have a government which is generally a Shia government.

    Unfortunately now, Iraq is accusing [Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip] Erdogan [that] he is becoming sectarian.

    And today as the acting defense minister, he said, ‘Listen, don’t think you are still an Ottoman Empire, we are free from the Ottoman Empire.’

    You know, Iraq up to the First World War was part of the Ottoman Empire and he is telling Turkey that Iraq is free from the Ottoman Empire and he directed his speech to the protesters. He said ‘Shame on you that you opened the doors to the foreign countries and to foreign states to play a role in your government, this is your country and so on.’

    So, there is a problem between Iraq and Turkey now.

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