Latest News Syria: Syrian army restores stability


The Armed Forces Restore Security and Stability to al-Qseir City 

Jun 5, 2013

The armed forces on Wednesday restored security and stability to the whole city of al-Qseir in Homs countryside.

An official source told SANA that the army carried out qualitative and prompt operations to restore security and safety to the city after the killing of a big number of terrorists and the surrender of others.

The army destroyed the terrorists’ hideouts with all the weapons and ammunition inside them, and the tunnels and barricades where the terrorists were fortified.

The source added that the armed forces dismantled dozens of explosive devices planted by terrorists in the citizens’ houses and on the public roads to hinder the progress of the army.

“However, the determination of the army to save the city from the armed terrorist groups led to those groups’ full defeat and collapse,” the source said.

The source went on saying “Our armed forces are now continuing the process of looking for explosive devices and criminal tools which the terrorists left behind in al-Qseir city.”

SANA reporter said that after the army regained full control of the city, units of the armed forces continue inspection operations in the city’s neighborhoods.

The army units are collecting the weapons and ammunition left behind by the terrorists before they were killed at the hands of the Syrian soldiers, the reporter said, noting that big amounts of rockets, machineguns and ammunition were seized in the city.

The armed forces will continue to unlock roads, remove barricades and dismantle explosive devices planted on main roads and in the citizens’ houses, scores of which were already dismantled, according to the source.

SANA reporter quoted a military source as saying that a unit of the armed forces killed a big number of terrorists who fled from al-Qseir city near Shamsin village on Homs-Damascus highway, and destroyed their weapons and ammunition.

Fifteen Citizens Wounded by Terrorists’ Mortar Shells on al-Wafideen Camp in Damascus Countryside

 A number of citizens were wounded as mortar shells fired by terrorists hit al-Wafideen Camp in Douma area in Damascus Countryside, causing huge material damage to the citizens’ properties.

An official source at the Police Command  told SANA reporter that 3 shells fell on citizens’ houses in al-Wafideen Camp, causing the injury of 15 citizens, some of them were treated inside the camp, while the critical conditions were admitted to Damascus hospitals.   

Army Units Continue Operations against Terrorists in Damascus and its Countryside

Units of the armed forces killed a number of terrorists, including “Adra Sniper” and leaders of the armed terrorist groups in villages and towns in Damascus Countryside, in addition to discovering tunnels used by terrorists to move and store weapons.

An official source told SANA that the army units destroyed a den for “Jabhat al-Nusra” terrorists in Adra al-Balad and killed all terrorists inside it, including Muhammad Amer al-Abid, nicknamed “Adra Sniper”.

The source pointed out that other army units killed and injured all members of an armed terrorist group in al-Eb farms in Douma area, including leader of an armed terrorist group called Abo al-Bara’a, Bahaa Noureddin and Bilal al-Rahma.

The army units, having restored security and stability to the area extending from Troubicana pool to the Police Hospital, continued  operations against terrorists in the area near Harasta and killed several terrorists who were located in the nearby houses and targeted the passing cars.

In al-Ryhan town, the army units discovered a 30 meters long tunnel full with explosive materials which was used by terrorists to transport and store weapons, while another army unit destroyed a terrorists gathering and a heavy machinegun in the farms surrounding al-Mansoura town in the eastern Ghouta.In Babila town, another army unit carried out a special operation against terrorists and destroyed their warehouses, in addition to killing several terrorists, while another army unit destroyed a terrorists’ den a long with the weapons and ammunition inside it, also killing all “Jabhat al-Nusra” terrorists inside the den in Yabroud.The source added that another army unit pursued  an armed terrorist group in the mountains  surrounding Ofara town in Barada Valley, killing and injuring several terrorists, including Ghyath Ghariba, Muhammad Zouhir al-Jamal and Muhammad Haroun, in addition to seizing their weapons.

Meanwhile, other army units clashed with an armed terrorist group in Bazeh, inflicting heavy losses upon its members.

Armed Forces Eliminate Terrorists in Aleppo Province

Armed Forces units continued operations against armed terrorist groups in various areas in Aleppo province.

The Armed Forces destroyed terrorist hideouts and gatherings and a 23mm anti0aircraft gun west of Blaka restaurant and north of al-Khoulandi gas station, in addition to eliminating terrorists including a sniper in the area around Aleppo Central Prison.

In Handarat area, an Army unit eliminated a number of terrorists who were holed up in al-Bianuni farm, destroying their weapons and munitions.

Army units clashed with terrorists near al-Duwayrin bridge and Khan al-Asal, leaving most of them dead or injured, while another unit eliminated a terrorist group which had been committing acts of robbery and theft near al-Klairiye mosque on the Aleppo-Idleb highway.

In Aleppo city, Army units clashed with terrorist groups in the areas of al-Layramoun, Sheikh Maqsoud, Bani Zeid, Bustan al-Qaser, al-Ameriye, and enar the Great Umayyad Mosque, leaving a number of terrorists dead or injured and destroying their equipment.

Army Eliminates Terrorists, Dismantles Explosive Devices in Idleb

Units of the armed forces killed a number of terrorists and destroyed their gatherings with all the weapons and ammunition inside them in several areas in Idleb countryside.

SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as assaying that units of the armed forces destroyed terrorists’ gatherings in al-Haj Hammoud Farm area in Jisr al-Shughour countryside, Deir Sharqi, Ma’ar Shurin, Altahh, Abu Habeh in Maarat al- Nua’man countryside, al-Nirab, Maarat al-Ikhwan and Sirmin, killing and injuring a number of terrorists.

The source added that a unit of the armed forces killed a number of terrorists and dismantled 3 explosive devices, each weighs 50 kg, on Kafer Shlaya-Orom al-Jouzz road.

H. Zain/H. Said / H. Sabbagh


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