Law Suits against Those Inciting Youth to Fight in Syria


Parliament Speaker Calls for Law Suits against Those Inciting Youth to Fight in Syria

Jun 11, 2013

Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Mohammad Jihad al-Laham, called for bringing law suits in the Arab countries against the parties which incite young people to go and fight in Syria under the name of ‘jihad’.

Speaking during a meeting with an Egyptian media delegation currently visiting Syria, al-Laham pointed out that there are terrorists of 29 nationalities who are committing acts of violence against the Syrians funded and supported by Arab, regional and international countries.

Members of the delegation, who include representatives of various Egyptian media institutions, universities and political parties and a number of activists, lawyers and students, asked to be allowed to contact the Egyptian young men who were arrested in Syria fighting against the Syrian army.

The delegation stressed that the Egyptian people realize the reality about what Syria is being subjected to, saying that Syria is targeted because of its role in resisting the Zionist-U.S. project in the region.

“Syria’s victory is a victory of the Egyptian national and pan-Arab trend,” the Egyptian delegation members stressed.

In this context, the People’s Assembly’s Speaker reiterated that Syria is strong and firm thanks to its army, people and leadership.

He renewed Syria’s readiness for dialogue to find a peaceful solution to the crisis away from any foreign intervention, stressing however that the opposition abroad is divided and that each party of it receives its orders from the side that funds it.

Al-Laham also affirmed that Syria is committed to the option of Arab solidarity despite all the conspiracies and relapses which the Arab nationalist movement has gone through, stressing the importance for Egypt to restore its pan-Arab role.

H. Said


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