War on Syria: so called ‘use of chemical weapons’ as a pretext


November 2, 2010 – Former Military Intelligence chief Amos Yadlin: ‘A new war would be far deadlier than Israel’s last two, relatively short, conflicts in Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza in 2008-9. Syria, particularly, posed a greated military obstacle to Israel than at any time in the past three decades, Yadlin said, having amassed advanced Russian-built antiaircraft missiles that seriously limited the operational freedom of the Israel Air Force.’

In farewell meeting at the Knesset, Gen. Amos Yadlin says next conflict will hit Israel far harder than recent wars in Lebanon and Gaza – and hints for first the time at Israeli involvement in a 2007 strike on a nuclear plant in Syria…

In a final meeting at the Knesset, outgoing Military Intelligence chief Amos Yadlin warned on Tuesday that Israel’s next war would be fought on several fronts – causing far heavier damage and casualties than other recent conflicts. A new war would be far deadlier than Israel’s last two, relatively short, conflicts in Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza in 2008-9. Syria, particularly, posed a greated military obstacle to Israel than at any time in the past three decades, Yadlin said, having amassed advanced Russian-built antiaircraft missiles that seriously limited the operational freedom of the Israel Air Force. Yadlin also hinted at Israel’s involvement in attacking a Syrian nuclear facility in September 2007. That strike has been widely attributed to Israel, but the government has never officially taken responsibility for the operation. The veteran soldier, who turns 60 next year, told the committee that during his position as MI chief he had contended with two enemy nuclear programs – apparently a reference to Iran and Syria. Yadlin also warned of a growing threat from the Iranian nuclear program, saying Iran now had enough highly enriched uranium to build a bomb.

Source: http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/idf-intelligence-chief-israel-s-next-war-will-see-heavy-casualties-1.322484


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I am working for the Belgian human rights association 'Werkgroep Morkhoven' which revealed the Zandvoort childporn case (88.539 victims). The case was covered up by the authorities. During the past years I have been really shocked by the way the rich countries of the western empire want to rule the world. One of my blogs: «Latest News Syria» (WordPress)/ Je travaille pour le 'Werkgroep Morkhoven', un groupe d'action qui a révélé le réseau pornographique d'enfants 'Zandvoort' (88.539 victims). Cette affaire a été couverte par les autorités. Au cours des dernières années, j'ai été vraiment choqué par la façon dont l'Occident et les pays riches veulent gouverner le monde. Un de mes blogs: «Latest News Syria» (WordPress)/ Ik werk voor de Werkgroep Morkhoven die destijds de kinderpornozaak Zandvoort onthulde (88.539 slachtoffers). Deze zaak werd door de overheid op een misdadige manier toegedekt. Gedurende de voorbije jaren was ik werkelijke geschokt door de manier waarop het rijke westen de wereld wil overheersen. Bezoek onze blog «Latest News Syria» (WordPress) ------- Photo: victims of the NATO-bombings on the Chinese embassy in Yougoslavia
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6 Responses to War on Syria: so called ‘use of chemical weapons’ as a pretext

  1. kruitvat says:

    The Chemical Weapons Pretext for War on Syria: A Pack of Lies

    In the wake of having its illegal domestic surveillance dragnet exposed, laying bare (yet again) the utter duplicity and criminality of the U.S. ruling class, Washington is once again digging deep to conjure up a pretext for yet another war of aggression in the Middle East.

    Using the tired menace of weapons of mass destruction, the White House Thursday claimed with “high confidence” that the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad had used chemical weapons, specifically the nerve agent sarin, against rebel fighters.

    Washington’s announcement of “credible evidence” of chemical weapons use by Syrian forces, coming despite a dearth of actual hard evidence revealed, is now being used as the justification for providing direct U.S. military aid to the Syrian rebels.

    The decision to wade further into the Syrian morass, however, came well before the supposed crossing of President Obama’s “red line.”

    As the Washington Post reported, “the determination to send weapons had been made weeks ago.” Moreover, it has long been known that the CIA was overseeing the arming of opposition groups inside Syria. The debate in Washington over Syria has thus really been over the degree and overtness of U.S. military intervention. And while the typical Republican hawks (John McCain and Lindsey Graham) have used the latest chemical weapons scare to resume the calls for a “no-fly zone,” prominent Democrats continue to come around to supporting a “no-fly zone” as well. But then again, American politics has long stopped at water’s edge.

    With such bipartisan war drums beating louder, it’s little surprise to learn that the Pentagon is working on plans for establishing a “limited no-fly zone” in order to carve out a buffer zone of up to 25 miles along the Jordan-Syria border.

    This “no-fly zone,” the Wall Street Journal reports, would “be enforced using aircraft flown from Jordanian bases and flying inside the kingdom.” And on cue, the Pentagon has confirmed that it will indeed be keeping a contingent of F-16s and Patriot missiles in Jordan following scheduled war games there next week. (NATO already has Patriot missile batteries stationed along the Turkey-Syria border.)

    The very notion of a “limited no-fly zone,” though, stands as but the latest addition to Washington’s growing newspeak. One may add it to the likes of “collateral damage,” “surgical strikes,” and “protecting civilians.” Indeed, as former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates remarked prior to the NATO assault on Libya in 2011, “Let’s just call a spade a spade. A no-fly zone begins with an attack on Libya to destroy the air defenses. That’s the way you do a no-fly zone.” Syria would be no different.

    Of course, the latest impetus used for directly arming the Syrian rebels and reviving the talk of bombing the country—the supposed crossing of President Obama’s “red line” on chemical weapons—is on its very face tenuous, at best.

    According to Foreign Policy’s “The Cable” blog, despite their “high confidence,” American intelligence officials have still not been able to determine a chain of custody for the blood samples supplied by Syrian rebels that reportedly tested positive for sarin. That is, they have not been able to establish who exactly handled the principal piece of evidence establishing “proof” of chemical weapons use by the regime. A rather remarkable admission given that it took two full weeks for the blood samples to reach Western intelligence agencies from rebel hands.

    Faced with such flimsy evidence from U.S. officials, Yuri Ushakov, senior foreign policy adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, commented that, “what was presented to us by the Americans does not look convincing.”

    “It would be hard even to call them facts,” Ushakov added.

    Indeed, as McClatchy reported, independent chemical weapons experts maintain that “they’ve yet to see the telltale signs of a sarin gas attack, despite months of scrutiny.”

    “Ultimately, without more information, we are left with the need to trust the integrity of the U.S. intelligence community in arriving at its ‘high confidence’ judgment,” Greg Thielmann, a senior fellow at the Washington-based Arms Control Association told McClatchy.

    And what a leap of faith to place one’s trust in the integrity of the U.S. intelligence community! After all, that would be the very same intelligence community which claimed it a “slam dunk” that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction; the very same intelligence apparatus now snooping on the communications of virtually every American.

    Given such an abundant recent history of brazen illegality from Washington, it’s no wonder the American public simply isn’t buying another war in the Middle East. In fact, just 15 percent in a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll favor U.S. military intervention into Syria. Only 11 percent favor arming the opposition.

    Yet, in a revealing look into the anti-democratic impulse of the U.S. ruling elite who now cynically champion democracy in Syria, former President Bill Clinton publicly advised President Obama last week to disregard the firm public opposition to U.S. military intervention into Syria. As Clinton remarked, “any president risks looking like ‘a total fool’ if they listen too closely to opinion polls.”

    And thus not wanting to look a fool, President Obama has set the American war machine on the grinding path toward deeper intervention into the Syrian conflict. The threat of a global confrontation ensnaring the likes of Iran and global powers Russia and China is evidently but the price of saving face. Or as former Obama State Department official Anne-Marie Slaughter more tactfully put it, it’s but the price of saving “U.S. credibility.”

    The American working class, let alone working people globally, have nothing to gain from saving Washington’s credibility and satiating its imperial blood lust. In fact, those at real risk of looking like fools are those still listening to the deceitful claims of the war-hungry elite. For amid deepening internal economic and political crises, all the American ruling class has on offer is but further imperial aggression to be sold on little more than a pack of lies.

    Ben Schreiner is a freelance writer living in Oregon. He may be reached via his website or at bnschreiner@gmail.com.


  2. kruitvat says:

    2012: weapons from France, U.K., U.S., Lybia, Turkey, Saoudi Arabia and Qatar

    On 1 November 2011, NATO said it had no intention of taking military action in Syria, after it closed its seven-month campaign in Libya.
    On that same month, Libyan rulers offered weapons, money and potential volunteers. It was reported that 600 rebel fighters have gone from Libya to Syria in order to support the rebels.

    In June 2012, Reuters suggested that the prospect of British special forces entering Syria on the ground is growing, following unconfirmed reports from an Israeli website that SAS Commandos were conducting covert operations within Syrian territory, operating from Turkey on 26 June 2012.

    At a conference in Paris in July 2012, Western and Sunni Arab countries nonetheless announced they were going to “massively increase” aid to the Syrian opposition.

    In 2012, the United States, United Kingdom and France provided opposition forces with non-lethal military aid, including communications equipment and medical supplies. The U.K. was also reported to have provided intelligence support from its Cyprus bases, revealing Syrian military movements to Turkish officials, who then pass on the information to the FSA.

    A crucial line of support began in spring 2012 as Saudi Arabia and Qatar announced they would begin arming and bankrolling the opposition. Paul Salem, director of the Carnegie Middle East Centre in Beirut, and Emile Hokayem of the International Institute of Strategic Studies argued such support would be unlikely to immediately make a decisive impact.
    A ship carrying weapons from Libya believed destined for Syria’s rebels has also been intercepted. Qatar is reported to be shipping arms to Sunni Islamists in Syria as a means of cementing alliances in the Middle East.


  3. kruitvat says:

    Opposition to Obama’s War in Syria: Syria/Russia say US lying about chemical weapons use. UN/UK/Germany won’t support US intervention (1)

    June 14th, 2013

    Syria says United States lying on chemical weapons use

    BEIRUT – Syria’s foreign ministry said the United States was lying about chemical weapons use to give it an excuse to intervene in the country’s two-year-old civil war.

    “The White House…relied on fabricated information in order to hold the Syrian government responsible for using these weapons, despite a series of statements that confirmed that terrorist groups in Syria have chemical weapons,” it said.

    “The United States, in resorting to a shameful use of pretexts in order allow President Obama’s decision to arm the Syrian opposition, shows that it has flagrant double standards in the way it deals with terrorism.”


    Russia: US claims of Syria chemical arms use unconvincing

    MOSCOW- Information the United States provided Russia over suspected use of chemical weapons by Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces “does not look convincing,” President Vladimir Putin’s senior foreign policy adviser said on Friday.

    Yuri Ushakov said expanded US military support for Assad’s opponents would undermine joint efforts to organize a peace conference, but added that Moscow was “not yet” considering sending Assad S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems in response.


    France says UN decision on Syria no-fly zone ‘unlikely’

    PARIS – France said on Friday that establishing a no-fly zone in Syria was unlikely for now because of opposition from some members of the United Nations Security Council.

    “The problem with this type of measure is that it can only be put in place with approval from the international community,” French foreign ministry spokesman Philippe Lalliot told journalists.

    “A decision from the United Nations Security Council is needed, and not just any decision,” he said. A Chapter 7 resolution authorizing military action was needed and that was unlikely to be passed, he said.


    Britain holds off arming Syrian rebels despite US decision

    LONDON – Britain is still not ready to arm the Syrian opposition despite a decision by US President Barack Obama to do so, but is not ruling out the introduction of a no-fly zone or any other measure, a spokesman for Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday.

    “Nothing is off the table,” the spokesman said when asked whether Britain would back a no-fly zone, adding that “no decision has been taken” on arming the opposition. “We are in urgent discussions with our international partners.”


    Read more on: http://investmentwatchblog.com/opposition-to-obamas-war-in-syria-syriarussia-say-us-lying-about-chemical-weapons-use-unukgermany-wont-support-us-intervention/

  4. kruitvat says:

    Opposition to Obama’s War in Syria: Syria/Russia say US lying about chemical weapons use. UN/UK/Germany won’t support US intervention (2)

    Russia: Data on chemical arms use by Assad fabricated

    MOSCOW – A senior pro-Kremlin Russian lawmaker said on Friday that information on the use of chemical weapons by Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces was fabricated and suggested the United States would use it to justify intervention in the conflict.

    A US official said on Thursday that President Barack Obama has authorized sending US weapons to Syrian rebels for the first time, after the White House said it has proof the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against opposition forces.

    “Information about the use by Assad of chemical weapons has been fabricated in the same place as the lies about (Saddam) Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction,” Alexei Pushkov, head of the foreign policy committee in the lower chamber of the Russian parliament, said on Twitter. “Obama is taking the same path as George Bush.”


    Germany won’t supply weapons to Syrian rebels – Foreign Ministry

    “Berlin will not itself supply Syrian rebels with weapons, Foreign Ministry spokesman Andreas Peschke said Friday. However, Germany “takes into account” the US’s decision to do so and Washington’s statement that chemical weapons had been used by the Syrian government forces, he added. Germany supports efforts to hold an international conference on the Syria conflict and will insist that this issue be discussed by the UN Security Council, the spokesman said.”


    Moscow concerned about Western states’ decisions to arm Syrian rebels

    “Russia is seriously concerned by the decision of the US and other states to give military assistance to the Syrian opposition on the so-called “liberated territories,” spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Aleksandr Lukashevich said on Friday. The military aid would be rendered under the pretext of having alleged proof of the use of chemical weapons by Syrian authorities. He reminded of the killings of 60 Shia in Hatla village in Syria’s Deir el-Zour region near Iraq, perpetrated by Al-Nusra Front fighters, adding that the Syrian government asked the UN Security Council to condemn the massacre.”


    U.S. ‘backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad’s regime’

    “Leaked emails have allegedly proved that the White House gave the green light to a chemical weapons attack in Syria that could be blamed on Assad’s regime and in turn, spur international military action in the devastated country.

    A report released on Monday contains an email exchange between two senior officials at British-based contractor Britam Defence where a scheme ‘approved by Washington’ is outlined explaining that Qatar would fund rebel forces in Syria to use chemical weapons.

    Barack Obama made it clear to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad last month that the U.S. would not tolerate Syria using chemical weapons against its own people.”


    Read more at: http://investmentwatchblog.com/opposition-to-obamas-war-in-syria-syriarussia-say-us-lying-about-chemical-weapons-use-unukgermany-wont-support-us-intervention/

  5. kruitvat says:

    Opposition to Obama’s War in Syria: Syria/Russia say US lying about chemical weapons use. UN/UK/Germany won’t support US intervention (3)

    Germany’s BND intelligence agency restores security cooperation with Assad regime

    “Diplomatic sources have revealed that the head of Germany’s BND intelligence agency went to Damascus last month for an unscheduled visit during which he met with Syrian officials led by Major General Ali Mamlouk, the head of Syrian military intelligence. Gerhard Schindler made the trip to Damascus just days after Israel’s bombing raid on the Syrian capital on May 5 accompanied by the Director of the German intelligence unit dedicated to fighting “international terrorism”.

    The security chief was passed information about the jihadist organisations which are fighting against the Assad regime in Syria. This information was obtained by Syrian intelligence after the capture of a number of jihadist leaders. The data includes the names of some foreign fighters, especially Europeans, who are fighting alongside those groups. Representatives from the intelligence agencies in Italy, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen have arrived in Damascus for the same purpose.

    The sources also claim that one of the objectives of Schindler’s visit was to reach an agreement by which Israel will allow Hezbollah to enter Syria to defend the regime, as long as “that does not affect the interests of Israel”.

    Although the German government has supported the sanctions imposed on the Assad regime and has stressed repeatedly the necessity for him to step down, it now looks as if there is a noticeable shift in Berlin’s assessment of the conflict. News magazine Der Spiegel’s May 22 edition quoted Schindler as saying, “The Syrian army has now become very organised with the best combat experience after two years of armed conflict, in addition to its capacity to counter armed rebels and defeat them.””


    Americans on Both Sides of the Aisle Oppose War In Syria


    Read more at: http://investmentwatchblog.com/opposition-to-obamas-war-in-syria-syriarussia-say-us-lying-about-chemical-weapons-use-unukgermany-wont-support-us-intervention/

  6. kruitvat says:

    Building a Pretext for an All Out War against Syria? Allegations of Chemical Weapons Use

    Apr 26th, 2013

    Stephen Lendman (4M),- New allegations claim Syrian chemical weapons use. We’ve heard similar ones before. Obama calls using them a “game changer.” He also said their use crosses a “red line.” Syrian officials are unequivocal. Weeks earlier, Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad spoke for others saying:

    “Syria stresses again, for the 10th, the 100th time, that if we had such weapons, they would not be used against our people. We would not commit suicide.”

    Alleging Syrian chemical weapons use resembles bogus claims about Saddam’s nonexistent WMDs. It’s similar to false charges against all US enemies.

    Big Lies launch wars. They facilitate them. They perpetuate them. Gore Vidal once said:

    “Our rulers for more than half a century have made sure that we are never to be told the truth about anything that our government has done to other people, not to mention our own.”

    Syria is Washington’s war. It was planned years ago. It’s objective is regime change. America’s been involved from inception. Independent governments aren’t tolerated.

    So-called “non-lethal” aid represents America’s tip of the iceberg. The CIA’s involved in facilitating weapons shipments. Huge amounts flow in. US-backed death squads are well supplied.

    At issue is whether Obama plans direct intervention. About 200 US forces were deployed in Jordan. They’re positioned along Syria’s border. John Kerry announced doubling US aid to insurgents.

    On the one hand, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen says no intervention is planned. On the other, he’s hinted about possibly doing so. NATO commander Admiral James Stavridis said he’s ready to act if asked.

    Perhaps the North Atlantic Treaty’s article five will be invoked. It considers an attack (real or otherwise) against one or more members an attack against all. It calls for collective action.

    Is a staged incident planned? Are chemical weapons charges crossing Obama’s “red line.” Will NATO invoke article five? Will imperial aggression follow? Perhaps Obama has that in mind. He prioritizes war. He deplores peace. He preconditions negotiations on regime change.

    In early April, unnamed US intelligence officials claimed Syria used chemical weapons. Two alleged Damascus incidents were cited.

    In a March address, Obama said “We will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people. The world is watching, and we will hold you accountable.”

    In late March, credible evidence of insurgent chemical weapons use surfaced. Syria’s military said a home-made locally-manufactured rocket was fired.

    It contained CL17. It’s a form of chlorine. It induces vomiting, fainting, suffocation and seizures. Those in the immediate area are affected.

    Khan al-Asal was attacked. It’s southwest of Aleppo. Government forces control it. Jihadists struck a Syrian army-controlled checkpoint.

    A local hospital source said he personally witnessed Syrian army personnel helping those harmed. Over two dozen deaths were reported. They included Syrian soldiers.

    European diplomats acknowledged what happened. They lied claiming “friendly fire.”

    Britain and France said Syria used chemical weapons more than once since last December. Unnamed senior diplomats claim soil samples, witness interviews, and opposition sources say nerve agents were used in and around Aleppo, Homs and possibly Damascus.

    According to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, allegations are being evaluated. Some US intelligence officials are skeptical. Without US censors in Syria, determining chemical weapons use is hard enough. Harder still is deciding who’s responsible if credible evidence is found.

    Read more at: http://nsnbc.me/2013/04/26/building-a-pretext-for-an-all-out-war-in-syria-allegations-of-chemical-weapons/

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