Latest News: US calls to NATO to interfere in Syria


April fools’ jokes 2013 – the best on the web: John Kerry

Doha (Qatar) April 24, 2013 : The US secretary of state has said that NATO needs to consider its role in the Syrian crisis, including how prepared it is to respond to a potential chemical weapons threat.

John Kerry told a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels on Tuesday that the planning that the alliance had already done was appropriate.

“We should also carefully and collectively consider how NATO is prepared to respond to protect its members from a Syrian threat, including any potential chemical weapons threat,” he said.

NATO, a US-led military alliance of 28 countries, has said repeatedly it has no intention of intervening militarily in the Syrian war.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Israeli military’s top intelligence analyst said Syrian government forces had used chemical weapons – probably nerve gas – in their fight against rebels trying to topple President Bashar al-Assad

Brigadier General Itai Brun made the comments at a Tel Aviv security conference a day after US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel said, at the end of a visit to Israel, that US intelligence agencies were still assessing whether such weapons had been employed.

According to Kerry, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, could not confirm Brun’s comments about Syrian chemical arms.

Jay Carney, the White House spokesperson, said on Tuesday that the US has not concluded that chemical weapons had been used and that it was difficult to determine if they were.

‘Regional threat’

US President Barack Obama has called the use of chemical weapons a red line for the United States that would trigger unspecified US action.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the secretary-general of NATO, said the organisation was “extremely concerned about the use of ballistic missiles in Syria and the possible use of chemical weapons”.

Rasmussen also said that NATO was concerned about the risk of the conflict spilling over Syria’s borders.

“I can assure you that we stand ready to defend, protect our allies, in this case Turkey, as a neighbour of Syria. We have all plans ready to ensure effective defence and protection of Turkey,” he added.

“The situation in Syria has dramatically deteriorated,” Rasmussen said. “This continues to pose a threat to regional stability.”

NATO has previously sent Patriot missile batteries to neighbouring Turkey to help defend the NATO member against possible missile attack from Syria.


Brun said that evidence of the usage of chemical weapons could be seen in the physical symptoms suffered by those who had apparently been exposed to chemical agents.

“The reduced pupils, the foam coming out of the mouth and other additional signs provide evidence that deadly chemical weapons have been used,” he said adding that the chemical used is most likely Sarin, a deadly, colourless and odourless nerve agent.

Sarin, which was developed as a pesticide in Germany in 1938, in high doses, paralyses the muscles around the lungs and prevents chemicals from “switching off” the body’s secretions, so victims suffocate or drown as their lungs fill with mucus and saliva.

There were more than a thousand tonnes of chemical agents in Syria and “a lot” of warheads and missiles that could be armed with the deadly substance, reported Haaretz newspaper quoting Brun.


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I am working for the Belgian human rights association 'Werkgroep Morkhoven' which revealed the Zandvoort childporn case (88.539 victims). The case was covered up by the authorities. During the past years I have been really shocked by the way the rich countries of the western empire want to rule the world. One of my blogs: «Latest News Syria» (WordPress)/ Je travaille pour le 'Werkgroep Morkhoven', un groupe d'action qui a révélé le réseau pornographique d'enfants 'Zandvoort' (88.539 victims). Cette affaire a été couverte par les autorités. Au cours des dernières années, j'ai été vraiment choqué par la façon dont l'Occident et les pays riches veulent gouverner le monde. Un de mes blogs: «Latest News Syria» (WordPress)/ Ik werk voor de Werkgroep Morkhoven die destijds de kinderpornozaak Zandvoort onthulde (88.539 slachtoffers). Deze zaak werd door de overheid op een misdadige manier toegedekt. Gedurende de voorbije jaren was ik werkelijke geschokt door de manier waarop het rijke westen de wereld wil overheersen. Bezoek onze blog «Latest News Syria» (WordPress) ------- Photo: victims of the NATO-bombings on the Chinese embassy in Yougoslavia
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  1. kruitvat says:

    Following joint military operations during Operation Desert Storm in 1991, Qatar and the United States concluded a Defense Cooperation Agreement that has been subsequently expanded. In April 2003, the U.S. Combat Air Operations Center for the Middle East moved from Prince Sultan Air Base in Saoudi Arabia to Qatar’s Al Udeid Air Base south of Doha, the Qatari capital.

    Al Udeid Air Base (Arabic: قاعدة العديد الجوية) is also known as Abu Nakhlah Airport (Arabic:مطار أبو نخلة). It houses foreign coalition personnel and assets. It is host to a forward headquarters of United States Central Command, headquarters of United States Air Forces Central, No. 83 Expeditionary Air Group RAF, and the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing of the USAF. In 1999, the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad, reportedly told US officials that he would like to see as many as 10,000 US servicemen permanently stationed at Al Udeid.
    Al Udeid and other facilities in Qatar serve as logistics, command, and basing hubs for the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) area of operations, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

  2. kruitvat says:

    Qatar and Britain: big business

    Qatari investment fund pays £400m for Park Lane hotel

    InterContinental is latest London asset for emirate investing oil and gas cash in European real estate

    28 March 2013

    The gas and oil wealth of Qatar has been used to snap up another UK asset after the emirate bought the InterContinental London Park Lane hotel in a £400m deal.

    Constellation Hotels, part of the Qatar Holding investment vehicle that has invested in Sainsbury’s and Barclays, has paid £301.5m for InterContinental Hotel Group’s 57-year lease on the 447-bedroom property close to Hyde Park, the company announced on Thursday.

    In a separate £100m deal it also acquired the freehold from the Crown Estate, the property company that controls the assets of the Queen. The Qataris beat six other bidders to the deal, thought to include other sovereign wealth funds from the Middle East and Asia. The level of competition meant the £301.5m price tag gave IHG a 62% premium to the hotel’s book value.

    One IHG source said: “We are pretty pleased.” The move comes after it emerged last year that the Qataris had backed indebted Irish property investor Patrick McKillen, who was seeking £70m to buy a controlling stake in Maybourne Hotel Group – which includes Claridges – from billionaire brothers David and Frederick Barclay.

    The increasingly bitter saga between McKillen and the twins ended up with the two sides fighting for control of the hotels in London’s high court.

    The latest announcement comes after a run of deals that are thought to have resulted in Qatar investing £3bn in European real estate in the 12 months to mid-August 2012, the equivalent to six weeks’ revenue from the country’s liquefied natural gas exports, according to Reuters.

    It is also Qatar’s latest asset in London, after investments in the Shard skyscraper, Harrods department store and the athlete’s village in the Olympic Park.

    However, despite these high profile moves, the Qatari companies remain opaque. A spokesman for Qatar Holding declined to comment on the deal, as he had been given no details by the sovereign wealth fund.

    Those who have worked with Qatar Holding say it is the personal investment vehicle of the emir – Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani – and it prefers to buy overseas assets in order to diversify its vast natural resource wealth into investments that guarantee future prosperity.

    The chairman of Qatar Holding is Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassem Bin Jabor al-Thani, Qatar’s prime minister, cousin of the emir and known to City bankers as HBJ.

    He first made headlines in the UK a decade ago following a £500m arms deal between Qatar and BAE Systems after which £7m was transferred into two Jersey trusts of which he was a beneficiary. The funds were frozen by the Jersey Financial Services Commission, which then began a court case and investigation.

    HBJ paid the Jersey authorities £6m as a “voluntary reparation” as “the structures put in place by his advisers may have contributed to the cost and complexity of the inquiry” and the case was dropped while all parties denied any wrongdoing.

    There have been other brief controversies too, and most recently Barclays has been dealing with allegations about its relationship with Qatar at the peak of the 2008 financial crisis, when the emirate was the main contributor to a £7.3bn lifeline that allowed the bank to avoid a taxpayer bailout.

    The Serious Fraud Office and Financial Services Authority are reportedly investigating whether Barclays lent Qatar funds to buy shares in the bank.

  3. kruitvat says:

    Israeli war campaign against Syria

    November 2, 2010

    ‘IDF intelligence chief: Israel’s next war will see heavy casualties’

    In farewell meeting at the Knesset, Gen. Amos Yadlin says next conflict will hit Israel far harder than recent wars in Lebanon and Gaza – and hints for first the time at Israeli involvement in a 2007 strike on a nuclear plant in Syria.

    In a final meeting at the Knesset, outgoing Military Intelligence chief Amos Yadlin warned on Tuesday that Israel’s next war would be fought on several fronts – causing far heavier damage and casualties than other recent conflicts. A new war would be far deadlier than Israel’s last two, relatively short, conflicts in Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza in 2008-9. Syria, particularly, posed a greated military obstacle to Israel than at any time in the past three decades, Yadlin said, having amassed advanced Russian-built antiaircraft missiles that seriously limited the operational freedom of the Israel Air Force. Yadlin also hinted at Israel’s involvement in attacking a Syrian nuclear facility in September 2007. That strike has been widely attributed to Israel, but the government has never officially taken responsibility for the operation. The veteran soldier, who turns 60 next year, told the committee that during his position as MI chief he had contended with two enemy nuclear programs – apparently a reference to Iran and Syria. Yadlin also warned of a growing threat from the Iranian nuclear program, saying Iran now had enough highly enriched uranium to build a bomb.


    Israel bombs Syria:

    May 6, 2013 – ‘Israel used depleted uranium in airstrike on Syria: Report’:
    May 21, 2013 – ‘Israel forces fired at target in Syria’:


    June 17, 2013

    Google results ‘Latest News: Israel used chemical weapons’

    UN believes chemical weapons used in Syria | JPost | Israel News
    Israeli general: Syrian ‘regime has used and is using chemical
    Israel preps for nationwide chemical warfare drill | The Times of Israel
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    Syria accused of chemical weapon use by Israel – World – CBC News
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    Israel: Syria used chemical weapons, several times – CBS News
    Israeli official says he believes Syria’s Assad has used chemical …
    Israel says Syria has used chemical weapons – World News | Latest …
    Israeli military says Syria used chemical weapons | The Japan Times
    Israeli Official Says Syrian Regime Used Chemical Weapons – US News
    Israel says Syria used chemical weapons – World News | TVNZ
    Israel: Syrian government used chemical weapons –
    Israel says Syria used chemical weapons – ABC News (Australian …

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