Latest news Syria: Fatwas which allow Muslim bloodshed

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Fatwas which allow Muslim bloodshed have nothing to do with any Sharia origin, Levant Conference says

July 3, 2013

Chairman of the Levant ( Bilad al-Sham ) Union, Scholar Mohammad Tawfik al-Bouti said that the takfiri fatwas which allow shedding the Muslim blood and instigate sedition among them have nothing to do with any sharia origin, but they came in response to personal malice which don’t accord with the spirit and principles of Islam.

“In spite of the differences among us, the first enemy remains the side which usurped al-Aqsa mosque,” al-Bouti said at the opening ceremony of the activities of the Levant Union conference held in Beirut under the motto “tolerance of Islam and the sedition of Takfir”.

He called on the sons of Islamic nation, particularly the scholars, to assume responsibility of this dangerous stage of the nation history and find a way that brings together all peoples through dialogue.

For his part, Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun said that the war today is against the Syrian army which was the reason behind the resistance victory over Israel.

“Those who have begun to destroy the army since two years till now saw that Syria’s army was the reason behind the resistance victory in Gaza and South Lebanon,” the Mufti said, adding that the war is against the army, not the Syrian government.

He called on the Muslim scholars in the world to hold an immediate meeting in Damascus, not in Geneva to make reconciliation.

For his part, Head of the Executive Office of Levant Scholars’ Union, Sheikh Hassan Abdullah stressed that sedition is a war against Islam but not an inter-Islamic war, and those who think that whichever power in the world could make division a fait accompli are totally mistaken.

He called on the Nation’s scholars to confront the Takfir sedition, which has become a major operation room directed by the West and some Arab regimes.

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General, Sheikh Naim Qassem wondered about who appointed those Takfiri people to judge others and decide whether they would go to ‘hell’ or ‘paradise’, and about who mandated them to be guardians of the Nation where they wreck havoc in it.

Iran scholars’ representative, Mohammad Ali al-Taskhiri stressed that Takfir is a great sin and it is also very grave, as those who adopt it should realize that they risk this Nation and shoulder the responsibility of murders, conflicts, bombings and destruction.

For his part, the representative of Australia Muslim scholars, Sheikh Taj-Eddin al-Hilali stressed that it is worthier that those who call others ” heretics” would head towards Palestine to liberate it instead of devastating Iraq and Syria in service of the U.S. project.

Representative of Palestine Scholars, Sheikh Abdullah Katamto said that Takfirism today is political rather than religious, not being based on ideology.

Maher Hammoud, the Imam of Al-Quds Mosque in Sidon, Lebanon, said that the Takfiri people are getting help from the USA and Israel and being supplied with weapons and gaining their full support, adding “We Should be aware of semi-stances which feed Takfirism and give it a political and legal cover.”

Tatarstan Mufti, Sheikh kamel Samie-allah stressed that Takfirism is an illness that hits the ‘Islamic body’ and weakens it, expressing hope that this Conference would be a means for correcting many ideological mistakes.

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