Latest News: Belgian salafists fighting in Syria

November 14, 2013 – 14:56

Jejoen Bontinck remains in cell

After a conversation of half an hour, the Belgian Youth Court decided today to release a seventeen year old Antwerp Syria fighter who last week returned to Belgium.  He fought three months actively on the side of Isis, the most violent terrorist movement in Syria, which also sent threatening emails to Belgium.

But fortunately not everyone is immediately released again.

During a closed session this afternoon, the Court decided that the Syrian fighter Jejoen Bontinck stays in prison. Lawyer Kris Luyckx don’t wish to comment on the news.

Jejoen Bontinck was detained after his voluntary return from Syria to Belgium.  On the day of his return, he was arrested at his mother’s home.

The Belgian salafists are lucky that they can come back home while the Syrian population is victim of the ongoing fighting in Syria.


Aug 7, 2013 – EU: ‘Salafi Fighters in Syria Not Allowed to Return to Homelands in Europe’


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders, Karmelietenstraat 15 1000 Brussels, Belgium
tel: +32 (0)2 501 81 11


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4 Responses to Latest News: Belgian salafists fighting in Syria

  1. kruitvat says:

    Belgium the First European Country Threatened by Terrorists it Sponsored in Syria

    October 31, 2013

    The Belgian king, his family and a number of politicians received death threats from terrorists linked to the ones killing Syrians. The threats also targeted the ‘democratic’ system of ‘sponsoring terrorists’ in Belgium against taking any counter measures.
    Belgium, a member of the NATO alliance and a member of the EU which sponsored the terror in Syria against the sovereign state led by Dr. Bashar Al-Assad, has introduced legislation a couple of month ago to deprive members of terrorist groups fighting alongside the Obama death squads in Syria from the welfare benefits back home. The move stripping the families of the terrorists as well from those benefits.

  2. kruitvat says:

    Belgian Youths are joining the Terrorists forces in Syria

    August 2, 2013

    Jihad in Syria: Dangerous process of radicalization in Europe

    Several young people from Belgium travelled to Syria in order to join the terrorist forces in the Arab nation after they were radicalized and misguided by others in Belgium in order to convey them that a journey to Syria in order to join the ranks of the terrorists and jihadists fighting against the secular government of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would be a good idea.

    According to the statements of a father of one of these young people from Belgium, who already joined the ranks of the terrorists groups that are fighting in Syria, his son has underwent an Islamist radicalization process in Belgium and converted to Islam after he has been raised Catholic.

    The accounts of youths in Belgium who are joining the terrorist groups in Syria have raised several questions about the radicalization process that seems to take place in several communities in Belgium. Russia Today (RT) has carried out an interview with one of the fathers, who is understandably very concerned about the life of his son – one of the Belgian youths that have already joined the terrorist forces in Syria.

    Dimitri Bontinck, the father of one of these Belgian youths who travelled to Syria in order to join the terrorists and jihadists in their battles against the secular government of the Arab nation is on a crusade to find his son and to return with him to Belgium after his son fled to Syria in order to join the armed jihadists in their fight against the Syrian Arab army (SAA). The last time Dimitri Bontinck saw his son was in March this year, when his son informed him that he would to Egypt in order to study in the North African country.

    Dimitri Bontinck said in the interesting interview about the radicalization process of youths in Belgium that his son was a Jesuit as well as a normal western child, who had the best education. In addition, his son had a Catholic education due to the reason that his mother is Catholic, while the father has admitted in the interview with RT to be an atheist.

    According to the very worried father, his son might have changed his religious beliefs due to a failed teenager love. His son had a Moroccan girlfriend who convinced him to become a Muslim. The new convert started to go to a local Mosque in the community in Belgium and there, he was “converted b Sharia4Belgium”, which is a very radical Salafist (Islamist) organisation and it is not to understand that the Belgium authorities still allow them to act on Belgium soil.


    Terrorist recruits for Syria: Police arrests Sharia4Belgium leader

    The terrorist group “Sharia4Belgium” calls for the establishment of an Islamic state in Belgium and while they were officially disbanded, it seems that the members of the Salafist organisation “Sharia4Belgium”still have too much room to act in Belgium and to misuse the easily achievable influence on partly hopeless, young people who are searching for something in their lives.

    The Belgian father alleges that his son was then brought to the so-called headquarters of “Sharia4Belgium” where he has underwent an Islamist radicalisation process to the point where his parents were no more able to recognize their own son. According to the father, this Islamist radicalization process, carried out by the dangerous Salafist organization in Belgium, has changed his the physical appearance of his son and the son also grew a beard, of course..

    Sometime later, his son travelled to the Netherlands together with “Islamist brothers” and then to the Egyptian capital, Cairo. The dangerous Salafist group promised to support him with money so that he is able to study in the Egyptian capital.
    The Belgian father said further: “I did not trust it, I had a feeling that something was going wrong, because I’ve received news from other parents in Western Europe” that their kids ended up in Syria fighting the government forces.”

    The Russian Foreign Minister Sergej Lavrov as well as European governments warned about the influence of radical Islamist organisations in Europe, and the Russian Ministries as well as other officials from other countries have already confirmed that many European youths are already fighting in the ranks of the jihadists and terrorists on Syrian soil, too. Not to mention all the warnings stated by many political analysts and experts in regards of the Middle East or experts in terms of Salafism, Wahhabism, and the dangerous Muslim Brothers (Muslim Brotherhood).

    The Syrian government in Damascus has confirmed that many foreigners are fighting in the ranks of the terrorist groups as well as in the ranks of the Syrian Al Qaeda offshoot (Jabhat al Nusra) and the Syrian officials have also warned about these threats by questionable Islamist organizations in Europe and the United States since over one and a half years.

    In addition, there is a reason why the Muslim Brotherhood cannot be a “moderate Islamist organization”. The only reason why Western media has started to refer to the Muslim Brothers in Egypt by using the term “moderate Islamists” are the policy goals of the United States and Israel. Moderate Islamists? The next time they could try to convey us that “moderate terrorists” also exist.

    Interview: ‘My son was radicalized, recruited to join jihad in Syria’ – Belgian father

  3. kruitvat says:

    28 September, 2013

    Leader of Belgian radical Salafist organization killed in Syria

    The leader of Sharia4Belgium radical Salafist organization has been killed in Syria.

    Ahmed Dijah fought alongside the anti-government extremist groups. He was the tenth Belgian killed in Syria. His death was documentarily confirmed.

    Read more at:

  4. kruitvat says:

    Tunisia Arrests 86 Salafists Recruiting Mercenaries to Fight in Syria

    Syria: Al-Nusra Front militantsThe Tunisian security forces arrested Friday eighty-six salafists working to recruit militiamen in order to send them to the Syrian Arab Republic and fight for Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al-Nusra terrorist group.

    In the meantime, local authorities stated that six thousand young men have been forbidden from travelling to Syria, after plots revealed they were planning to fight for Al-Nusra Front against the national military.

    Moreover, the arrest of the military commander of the so-called Ansar al-Sharia organization Mohammad al-Awadi enabled Tunisian security to access important information about terrorist operations and assassinations that was planned by the organization, media sources reported.

    The sources pointed out that the organization was planning to assassinate Prime Minister Ali Al-Arid and Secretary-General of the Labor Union Hussein Abbasi.

    Al-Shorooq newspaper quoted posted on its website confessions of Mohammad al-Awadi , known as Tawil (Long), one of the most dangerous terrorist members in Tunisia and the military commander and the second-man in charge in the banned Ansar al-Sharia who was arrested in the western suburbs of the capital.

    Awadi admitted that he was the main supervisor of the planned assassination of three important figures of Sousse: the writer Olfa Youssef, the political Kamal Marjan and the journalist Um Ziad.

    He also admitted that six salafist militants belonging to Ansar al-Sharia were to implement the murder.

    Politically, Ennahda Islamic movement agreed upon the new road map to get country out of political crisis, providing for a first national dialogue session in the presence of the President, the Speaker and the Prime Minister, as well as officials of political parties.

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